EDIT - The 1st version of this email contained a link to the WRONG ACTION. Please use the link below to reach Chopp.


This is a last ditch effort to pass SB 6052, the bill that would abolish the death penalty in Washington State.

The Seattle Times published an op-ed on Monday March 5th, asking Chopp to bring this to a vote.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson was quoted in a national piece by NBC on February 25th as saying “Just take the damn vote.”

We believe a vote could happen by the end of the session on Thursday March 8th if:

1. The bill is deemed necessary to implement the budget
​2. Rules are suspended to vote on the bill regardless of budget necessity

We have created an email action below directed to Frank Chopp, Democratic House Speaker.

THANK YOU for all of your advocacy.

Dear House Speaker Chopp, 

Please bring SB 6052 to a floor vote this week. There is bipartisan support. Across the U.S. legislators who have voted for repeal did not lose their elected seats. Support for the death penalty is at an all-time low. The prime sponsor of the bill is a Republican from Walla Walla - the location of Washington's death house. Republican King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg has come out strongly for abolition. 

The death penalty in Washington is very costly, is not applied fairly, and fails either to provide swift and certain justice or to deter crime. Instead of trying to fix an unfixable system, the legislature should repeal the death penalty. 

Speaker Chopp, please show ethical and courageous leadership and call this bill to a vote this week as necessary to implement the budget, or suspend rules to make a vote a reality.

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