The bill to abolish the death penalty in Washington State is, like last year's bill, by Attorney General Request. The bill numbers are SB 6052 and HB 1935.

This short 60 day session began on January 8th.

LOBBY DAY 2018 will be held on Thursday January 25th. This day will include a morning orientation session, followed by meetings (set up for you) with your legislators. 

Below please click the button to register to attend Lobby Day if you are able to attend in person. Please register by Jan 18th.

Whether or not you are able to attend Lobby Day in person, please sign the postcard (click button below) to be delivered to your legislators on Lobby Day. Let's leave behind a huge stack of postcards with each legislator so they know that their constituents support ending capital punishment!

Another way you can help: please share the Lobby Day registration and postcard sign up widely!

Let's make 2018 the year we abolish!


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